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Are you looking for a way to make your next party more memorable? Would you like to be able to give your guests a great memento that they will love to have? If so, renting a photo booth from Seattle FaceBooth is a great choice. By doing so, you can make sure that all of your memories are preserved for the future.

You have probably seen these booths at malls or amusement parks. Two or three people, or sometimes more, can get into the booth and push a button. They strike whatever pose they want, and after a few seconds, the booth takes a photo. You can have your photos printed right away so that you can see what you look like.

What you might not realize is that you can actually rent one of these booths for a party. Are you hosting a birthday party for a child? Setting up a photo booth will keep the guests entertained for hours. Kids will love to snap photo after photo of themselves making funny faces or striking crazy poses.

Are you hosting a family reunion with guests coming from all over the country? With a photo booth on hand, you can make sure that you get a picture of all of your relatives, even those distant cousins whom you only see once in a blue moon. This makes it easy to get pictures of everyone.

The booths are equipped with high-quality printers that can turn out a great-looking picture in just a few seconds. You can print as many copies as you want so that everyone can take one home if they like. You can even save all the pictures to a disk so that you have them in one place.

After the party is over, you can upload these images and share them online. Post them on your Facebook page or tweet about them to all your friends. Everyone will enjoy seeing what their friends or relatives were up to at your party.

The staff at Seattle FaceBooth will deliver and set up the booth before your party begins so that you do not have to worry about a thing. They will check all the equipment to make sure that it is working properly and will not give your guests any problems. If an issue does develop, just call the company right away and they will send someone to fix it immediately.

Renting a photo booth may be a lot more affordable than you might think. The company offers very competitive prices, so you do not have to worry about spending too much. This way, you can make sure that everyone has a lot of fun at your next party without blowing your budget.

If you have never thought about renting a photo booth before, now is the time to start considering this option. It can be a great way to make any party more fun. Call Seattle FaceBooth today to learn more about these rentals.


Driving around Louisville you may notice that business facades are a little less boring than they used to be. That is largely in part to design duo Amanda and Ty of State Champs. Wildly talented graphic and hand painting designers, Ty and Amanda are also in the midst of planning their wedding 2,300+ miles away. In just a few short weeks, one of Magbooth’s favorite couples will tie the knot on Whidbey Island just north of Seattle, Washington. We’re pretty stoked to be part of the guest list, so we decided to meet up with Amanda for a coffee and talk shop: wedding shop.

How did you choose your wedding venue?

My parents own a vineyard on Whidbey Island, but also that part of the country is very important to both Ty and me. I am from Louisville and attended college in Seattle. After college I made plans to move back to Seattle full-time when fate intervened and I met Ty a month before my move. So we began dating long-distance. It was very old school – writing letters and spending hours on the phone. Seattle is such a special place to me, it really shaped me into the person I am, so it was even more special when Ty came to visit for the first time. We fell in love there.

As artists, what details of the wedding are you creating yourselves?

We created the invitations, which we had letterpress printed by the talented dudes at Hound Dog Press, and did our own website using SquareSpace. There will be lots of hand-painted signs – like directional signs and the ice cream bar menu. We designed matchboxes to give with sparklers as a guest favor. OH! And, we designed soccer jerseys for the “Marital Cup” we’re hosting the day before the wedding. We found an all-white soccer ball that will then be our guest book at the reception. Soccer is just part of who we are. All of our family and friends love the game so we thought it would be a fun activity that everyone could do to shake the nerves and just relax.

What details do you think are/aren’t worth paying someone else to handle?

We’ve hired a day-of coordinator to handle all of the day-of stress. We’ve also hired a local florist – it’s just worth it. Arranging flowers is time consuming and we don’t have the resources and access to different flowers that a florist has. However we are setting up all of the decorations ourselves. We’re also handling the pre-ceremony cocktail hour. My maid-of-honor is a culinary badass so she’s doing snacks and then we’ll have three drink dispensers with a signature margarita. All the wine is obviously from my parent’s vineyard, and we’ll have beers from local breweries too.

What are your top priorities for the big day?

We are most excited to see all our friends from all over the place that we don’t get to see often. One friend from England has never been to America so we want to make this experience epic! Food and dancing are #1. There are so many things we don’t care about, but food is a big one. We’re still working on perfecting the playlist. The venue is our private property so we’re planning for the dance party to go on for as long as we want!

How much time/thought did you put into finding THE dress?

I LOVED trying on dresses; I never wanted it to end and I totally didn’t expect that. We went to three or four places in Seattle, a couple places in Louisville, and ended up finding the dress in Cincinnati. I was sad that the search was over. I did get a second dress for the dance portion of the reception.

What traditions are you incorporating or not incorporating?

We aren’t doing a garter or bouquet toss. We are keeping the ceremony as short as possible and not having a first dance or dance with our parents. It just doesn’t make sense with who our parents are – my mom is low key and we just prefer “party dancing” more than formal, in-front-of-everyone dancing. We wanted an ice cream cart instead of a cake, but our parents wanted cake so we’re getting a small cake to cut and serve to our parents. We decided not to see each other before the ceremony – I’m so excited for that moment! We’re also not doing posed photos. Our photographer is a close friend from high school who works for Free People photographing models. I just want those candid photos of the moments.

What advice would you give other brides? Anything you would do differently?

Besides eloping…Have some way to remind yourself throughout the process to be true to yourself and to your significant other. People are excited and want to be helpful but not all of their advice is great for you. The best day will come from making it fit you as a couple. We sent our save-the-dates by email, which sounded like a great idea, but they ended up in several peoples’ spam folders. If I could do that over, I would just do a simple postcard. Keep it simple – go get your pictures taken in a photo booth (ahem, Magbooth) and just do a postcard.


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This Is The Best Corporate Photo Booth Rental In Orlando & Miami

Your employees will have some pretty wacky times when you choose photo booth rentals in orlando. Simply go to this site,, to get amazing service at a price you can handle. Office parties have never been the same. There are photo booths perfect for formal events, office parties, picnics, and any other gathering you and your business may have.

Choosing A Kid Friendly Photo Booth

At a holiday office party, most employees will bring their kids. Entertaining children can be a lot harder than entertaining adults. Especially during an office party. Most kids walk around board, taking brownies off the dessert bar, and waiting for their parents to call it quites. Adults can entertain themselves through drinking, and casual conversation. These are the main events at an office party. Where do the kids fit in?

Children will love some of our photobooths. One of them lets children put a sticker background, or accessory, on their photo. This is a great way for them to play dress up. They can make it look like they’re wearing a superman costume, and flying over Smallville. It’s also a really cute memento to put in a photo album.

Adults Love Our Machines Too

Adults love our machine that morphs their picture into an artist quality sketch. These pics can then be contoured to look more like characters. No one gets insulted when they’re in charge of the wacky way their picture’s being mophed. These sketches really look like an artist made them. Making this machine perfect for more formal occasions.

Dancing Heads

Are you interested in a photobooth that can put on a show? If so, you may be interested in our dancing head photobooths. These machines take a quick picture of the persons head, and then attach it to an animated dancer. The dancer then groves around to whacky music like “I Will Survive.” Who said disco was dead?

It’s No Problem When Multiple Photo booths Are Needed

Some corporate events can get kind of large. Guests hate having to wait in line to have their image taken. For the sake of your party, you want to avoid this. Guests should leave remember all the fun they had, not all the time they had to wait. Luckily, this service is excellent for providing more than one photo booth. Considering the competitive pricing, it’s not a bad idea.

Next Business Day Pick Up

When picking out a photo booth, you want it for the party, and that’s it. No one likes having to work around the residue of the last event your office held. That’s why this business makes it their mission to pick up the machines when you need them gone. They always keep their appointments. It’s their mission to not waste your time.

Treat Your Employees

Your employees work hard to make your business run. It’s time to show your appreciation by throwing a roof raising party. They’ll never forget it when they have a photo to remember it by.